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Often on the construction site, especially with the older workers, there were interesting discussions on the social and economic situation of Haiti, debates that were very useful for understanding how to relate to the local mentality.

Many, for example, did not understand the importance of attention to detail, because they considered it unnecessary to adopt measures to improve the liveability of the spaces and quality of life in the homes that in their eyes were useless and expensive.

The recurring question was always the same: “Why spend time and money building something properly that could be lost the next day due to some kind of natural disaster?” To this legitimate and understandable question, we attempted to respond by explaining the more care and attention that goes into building, the greater the chances are of the same resisting and improving quality of life.

Certain workers took note of our suggestions and started to save a part of their wages to invest in something useful and lasting for their future, others saved up enough to start their own personal activities.

These stories show how the money donated for the construction of the project not only helped the children of the NGO but also the entire population of Anse-à-Pitres.
Our hope is that the stories of these six Haitians may spread through the local social fabric and become an example for those who want to try to improve their conditions.

Joel Worker

He invested half of his wages for six months to open a state lottery office

Pierre Jorall Semi-skilled construction worker.

He invested a quarter of his wages for a year to pay for a specialisation course in Port-au-Prince that he had already started, but was forced to interrupt due to the earthquake in January 2010.

Joseph Handmade brick producer.

Working on the site for free for an extra few weeks, he was able to buy the metal cast used to make the bricks used for the construction of the houses. Now he is the only producer of handmade bricks in Anse-à-Pitres able to create this type of brick, which is in high demand after the TI KAY LA’ houses were seen.

Miguelson Worker

He invested a fifth of his wages for six months to buy a school uniform for his daughter, allowing her to go to school.

Laneau Charles Semi-skilled construction worker.

He invested a fifth of his wages for a year to buy a motorbike to use as a taxi and pay for school materials for his son.

Nelson One of the first boys to be helped by Ayitimoun yo.

He invested two-thirds of his wages for two months to pay for a trip to Port-au-Prince and the stamps required to obtain a passport and thus be able to cross the Dominican border without having the constant fear of being deported.
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"Social Impact"